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If you have your own regulation contact FINSA to discuss our optimised solutions for your business.

Leading Regulatory Coverage

Core Spreads is a trading name of FINSA Europe Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Who are Core Spreads and why should you switch to them?

We’re different because we’re unbundling financial trading and making it cheaper to trade.

In areas like real time news and market data we recognise we can’t be the best or the quickest, for example, specialists like Bloomberg, Reuters and The FT are much better at real time financial news than we could ever be.

It’s not for us to tell traders how to get their edge. So gone are the ‘free’ add-ons you already have or don’t need. Gone is the noise.

Instead, we have a streamlined business model, allowing us to offer permanently tight, fixed spreads and noise-free trading.

What this means is that, while other providers may be able to match our tight spreads for a short period, they won’t be able to do it in the long-term. They just aren’t set up for it – they have too much legacy, too many add ons, too much noise.

If you know your edge and you want a fast, reliable, well regulated way to execute trades at tight spreads, we’re your people.

Flexible Platform Offering

Core Spreads offers the highly popular MetaTrader platform along with its own CloudTrade multi-asset platform.

Core Trader offers a multi-asset class web and mobile based trading platform together with an advanced charting package.

Visit the Core Spreads website to find out more www.corespreads.com